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iHandiCapPro Breeders Cup Edition

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iHandiCapPro is a revolutionary new handicapping app that allows you to analyze past performance race cards from North America Thoroughbred Race Tracks in United States and Canada.

You download files using the iDownload menu, select track, and race day, you load the data file into the iHandiCapPro App.

Now you can sort and filter the race card data to your custom parameters.

Example: #Past performances(1-10), #Days to analyze(0-2000days), #Workouts(1-12).

The app is completely user friendly, and you select the parameters for each race.

In Race Card Viewer, you can filter the race to actual race distance, and only look at the race past performances at the same race distance. Or filter within +/- 0.5 furlongs, or view all distances.

In Race Card Viewer, you can sort each race to: Program #, Power Rating(Prime Power), E2 Pace, E2+Late Pace, and Speed.

After you select, the # Days to look back in time, and # past performances, # Workouts to view, then you can apply several pace, distance, surface, track, and jockeys filters with iHandiCapPro.

iHandiCapPro has four views of the Race Card Data:

1) The Race Card Viewer, we give you all the data at your finger tips, from a standard Past Performance Program. The big difference here is you can sort and filter all of the race card data.

2) The E2+Late Speed View, we give you Speed and Pace Figures for each race horse in a spreadsheet format.

We display in sprint races E1(2furlongs), E2(4 furlongs), Late(Closing speed), and final Brisnet Speed Figures.
In route races we display the E1(4 furlongs), E2(6 furlongs), and Late(Closing speed), and final speed figure. We also give you the finish position along with the Brisnet speed figure.

3) The E2+Late Times View, we give you the horse fractional times of each race, all the calculations are done for you by adding the standard 1.0 sec/5 lengths behind leading horse(0.20 seconds/length behind).
We also give you the finish position with the final time, and also display lengths beaten/lengths behind.

4) The Workout View, we give you all the Workouts in a spreadsheet format which are all sortable. These are sortable by assigning a speed figure to each workout, so it is easy now to sort through all the workouts to find the best workout, or the most recent workout by number of days since last workout.

All views are sortable, in each spreadsheet column format.

Now you can customize daily Thoroughbred Race Cards from any race track running in North America with iHandiCapPro.

In the settings menu, enter your Brisnet user name, and password, and you are ready for iHandiCapPro.

Brisnet race cards are $1.00 each/download.

Goto and see the videos on how to use iHandiCapPro Version 2.0