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Offline-Map ( Overseas travel companion map )

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Navigation
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If you have plans to travel abroad then it is extremely helpful to have a map that is accurate, current, and easy to use.
The Offline-Map app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone acts as an "overseas travel companion map" that finds your current location using your GPS and gives you the ability to view a map without using data or roaming.
Grasp of local makes it easier for in addition to those of the standard,
type of satellite photos (aerial photographs) can be displayed.
Also established the pin and hotels attractions, such as the station that you want to visit,
the attached note, a photo can be used as a bookmark of the trip.
You can create the itinerary, can be used as a bookmark attach a page memo, photo, of the Internet as well as pin.
You can read Excel, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, PDF, Powerpoint, Word and Rich Text files
that you created externally using the file sharing function of iTunes.

By starting before, and then store to download the map of the travel destination in your country,
Show you a map with no communication remains in no data-roaming mode while traveling.
(You can save up to 30 regional map)
More than 600 position informations (latitude, longitude) of country, region, city, tourism, airport, station
of the world have been registered in advance, you can get immediately the map/pin.
All you have to can view the current location for GPS is valid even in the state of no data-roaming mode, to not get lost.
Situational awareness of peripheral easier for map satellite photos (aerial) type can be displayed.
It is possible to adjust the direction and the actual direction of the map by the compass display.
(Please be used in conjunction there is unstable if, and other means compass display.)
View in real time the distance to the pin (Destination) from the current position.

You can be installed up to 100 locations on the pin and attractions.
You can attach a page of the Internet or photo notes, up to 8 sheets of each pin
You can either get from the photo library, or taken with the camera feature photo.
Once you have taken a guidebook you can go out without a heavy guidebook.
Wikipedia/internet pages can be displayed even when offline.

Can be set up to 30 days of (calendar) itinerary, you can attach a page of the Wikipedia/Internet or photo notes,
up to eight in each date.

The ability to view the map without communication, even iPad Wi-Fi-only connection and iPhone / iPad
that is left over and model changes You can take advantage of. (: It is not possible to display You are here because there is no GPS functions iPad Wi-Fi-only connection Note)

It is effective even if you go to places like the out-of-service in the country as well as overseas travel.
(For climbing, hiking, and skiing)

You can also be used as an Internet browser offline.

And how to use, please refer to

Map display of offline (standard + satellite photo type) - up to 30 area
Pin display of the destination, the distance from the current position of the display - up to 100
Itinerary (itinerary) - Create up to 30 days
Attach the Internet web site, photo or note up to eight each day of itinerary and for each pin.
Add in travel destination, notes, photos can be edited.
Wikipedia/Web site can be viewed offline.
Excel, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, PDF, Powerpoint, Word and Rich Text files can be read
using the file sharing function of iTunes.

Zoom map only three steps
Full screen map of acquisition (one time) + 3 times (9 times the area) + 7 times (area 49 times)
Map of the part that you scroll beyond the range map previously obtained (Offline map) can not be displayed.
You do not have the current position in the case of models that can not be obtained current position without the GPS function as iPad Wi-Fi model.
Please use it to turn off the data roaming in the travel destination.
You can not use the GPS if you have airplane mode.