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Quranic Ayat (Vazeefas and Recitations)

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In everyone's life come times when the cloud of depression, guilt, and worry, hovers over you. There are times of helplessness and hopelessness. Even prophets of Allah had to go through hardships and their only escape was to pray to Allah, in words, given to them by Allah Almighty Himself. These words are given in The Holy Quran, in form of Rabbanas and other duas. Prayers recited by prohets, and their people, in various times of happiness, and hardship. There can be no better prayers than those given in The Quran itself.

Prayers, without understanding, are just words. We don't just give you the meaning of the duas, but also give you the actual context in which these duas appear in The Quran. This application brings these beautiful veses of The Holy Quran to you in Arabic, English, Transliteration, and also in context.

You can listen to the duas, once, or listen to them in Vazeefa mode. For example, you can listen to the Ayat-e-Kareema 100,000 times. This not only aids with the vazeefa itself, but also helps to memorize the words that could completely turn your life around, for the better.

In addition to the Rabbanas, we have also included sets of duas and surahs, which are read together. e.g. before going to bed, or embarking on a journey. A single click will play sets of verses of quran under the Good Night, and Safe Journey section.

Many surahs are also often recited on various occasions. We have also included them in single recitation, and vazeefa modes. This includes the 4 Quls, Surah Fatiha, Surah Ya-sin, Surah Mulk, etc.

The very beautiful recitation used in this application is the voice of Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid Alafasy.