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GATSS (GA Telephone Support for Seniors)

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Give your family peace of mind with GATSS, the app that can check in on older family members, friends, or anyone else who lives alone. Turn your smartphone or tablet into an automated call for help. If you don’t respond to the check-in, we will contact your friends and family so they can make sure you are ok.

Unlike products similar to the “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” commercials, the GATSS App alerts friends and family when you CAN’T press the button. Users simply need to respond to the app to let us know they are safe and responsive, bringing peace of mind to the people who care for them.

Brought to you by the Division of Aging Services and EyeOn App, say hello to the GATSS App (Georgia Telephone Support for Seniors). Here’s how it works:

* You can set your own schedule for the app to "check-in". You can set the days of the week, time of day…as many (or as few) as desired. For example, the app can ask if you are ok every hour, only in the mornings/evenings, or every other day. 

* You will receive a push notification at the scheduled time(s). This notification will ask if you are ok. 

* If you press "OK", then the alert is reset for the next scheduled time. 

* If you fail to respond, then the app notifies up to 3 "care providers". These care providers are notified by email, text message/SMS, or both. 

* The care providers get an email, text message/SMS, or both stating that you have not responded, your last known location (email only), and the battery level of your phone (email only).  

When first installing, you will be prompted to complete the names, mobile phone numbers, and emails of the user and for each care provider. Then simply set a schedule for check-in times.


Push Notifications - on the initial setup you will be asked to allow GATSS App to use Push Notifications. This is mandatory for the app to function. You can also manually allow them under Settings > Notification Center > GATSS App.

Location - although this is not mandatory, we can provide your location inside the alert email to your care providers if you do not respond. It will be the location where you were the last time you opened the app. You will need to give GATSS App permission to use your Location.

Timezones/Time Changes - GATSS App adjusts for timezones and time changes when the app is opened. If you travel to a different timezone or have a time change, please open the app once for it to automatically correct to the new time.

Cancelation of Service - if you do decide to discontinue use of the service, please simply delete any Notifications you scheduled. If you delete the app without deleting the Notifications, it could take up to 24 hours for your account to be disabled.