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Planet Jumpers : Have A Walk Among Planets

iPhone / iPad
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- Tap the screen to control the astronaut to jump from one planet to another. 
- Don't use second jump in haste, only use when you are near to next level. 
- Collect points and get items on the way. Points are used to buy Items and unlock levels. 
- Try different Levels. there are no enemies in Level one, you can do some practices in this level before next. 
- When you get items, they will appear at left-bottom conner. use it if necessary.

Level 1, Milky Way Adventure: jump from one planet to another, Don’t fall.
Level 2, Celestial Sphere: keep away from stones.
Level 3, Magma Star: Be careful of fire star from sky.
Level 4, Hyper Galaxy: Jump before the unstable explode.
Level 5, Creepy Galaxy: Don’t let the moon hit you
Level 6, Electromagnetic Paralax: avoid bombs in space
Level 7, Galactic Fireworks: Don’t let fire stones hit you.
Level 8, Reflex Aurora: you will get a big elasticity when you hit a special part of planet,
Level 9, Asteroid Axis: alien ship comes, it follows you and throws bombs to you.
Level 10, Comet Judgement: sun ray from sky, brightly and dangerous.

Planet jumpers is a tiptop space game for fun that take you through 10 levels of top awesome fun challenges.Play with your all skills,timing,concentration to collect all stars and points.Unlock your favorite unique level and play until you get finished all ten awesome levels.

What if you suddenly wake up in a dream land? Really a wonder land where planets are smaller so that you can jump over them and enjoy the space, catch the energy coins above you, Fill your gas, be safe and wear protection items. Enjoy the coolest top best space game that will take you through 10 awesome challenging levels with new challenges each time. Jump through portals, get shoot up by the space launcher to the top of world.
Enjoy the Awesome Planet jumpers on your favorite Device. Play with your friends and family and have some fun time with one of the best space game.

Game Play
Game is simple in its user interface and game play is yet challenging and unique, each level has unique planets that rotates at different speed you have to aim correctly and tap to jump to correct next planet, on the way you can have items,gas,guard can also buy the item with points and keep them ready to use before the game starts.Get the top point score and use that points to buy items.

Planet Jumpers Features
- Free to Play
- Unique Levels
- New Challenges on each level with new best monsters
- No Advertisements, No popups, Enjoy the Fun Space Game.

How to Play Planet Jumpers
Jump from planet to planet until you reach the portal at the other end. Stay away from monsters on each level, Collect points and get top points to unlock the new levels or Load items when the game starts. You can buy points too through in app purchase Complete the 10 levels and be the best gamer of Planet Jumpers.You can also earn free points by using share features inside the game. Enjoy the best fun space game for all age.

Planet Jumpers is about dream of a small kid who always love space,one day kid fell into his best cute dream where he gets into a special wonder land on space, kid was surprised that he saw planets smaller than him so that he can jump from planet to planet with his own feet.then he start jumping and exploring the space enjoying stars,sky and all divine nature.Then he meet with different challenges on the way, he have to explore the sky,stars and all is about this kid in his astronaut suit jumping from planet to planet which rotates at different speed.he have to face different challenges like aliens,asteroids,bombs,shooting stars and many more unique levels.each level has unique challenge and unique theme with colorful planets, You are that kid and enjoy the best space game with challenging unique level of awesomeness.

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