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Home Decoration:Ancient Wisdom in Modern Home Decoration

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Home is to people what flower to butterfly, woods to birds and grassland to sheep. A cozy home is the harbor for your soul and the creation of your love. The book will lead you to cozy and harmonious houses to experience warm and sweet.
The book highlights the features of different styles in home decoration, offers abundant decoration knowledge according to different layouts. Besides beautiful decoration cases, the book also includes some useful knowledge in home decoration, such as environmental protection and home gardening, decoration guidance and color schemes. It serves as a professional advisor for your home decoration.
It is a sweet and useful book for home decoration!
I like the elegant and fresh binding and layout of this book. The decoration cases in this book are practical, vivid and full of love, which teach me how to lead a more passionate and exquisite life.
The book contains helpful tips and instructions, which make it an ideal reference when you decorate your home.
The Best-seller in home decoration category at! The recognized textbook for home decoration.

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