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SolarCalc2 provides much more than just sunrise and sunset times. Explore the movements of the sun and moon. Find the shortest and longest day for any location. Easily view total monthly and daily daylight hours for any month or day. Also includes lunar rise and set times, lunar phases and other real-time lunar data, and more!

Use current GPS location or select from a list of cities or search for a location

Save locations to Favorites list

Sun rise and set times

Real-time sun Altitude and Azimuth

Real-time sun Right Ascension and Declination

Time since sunrise

Time since sunset

Time until sunrise

Time until sunset

Solar noon time

Total monthly and daily daylight

Monthly and daily sun transit times

Civil, Nautical and Astronomic twilight times

Solar Eclipse event dates and times
Interactive sun path chart for any day

Sun analemma chart for any time of day

Latest Sun images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

Sunlight map for the current time

Equinox and Solstice date and times

Displays Julian Date

Displays UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), GST (Greenwich Sidereal Time), LST (Local Sidereal Time) and TDT (Terrestrial Dynamic Time)

Moon rise and set times
Real-time moon Altitude and Azimuth
Real-time moon Right Ascension and Declination
Time since moon rise
Time since moon set

Planets rise and set times
Real-time planets Altitude and Azimuth
Real-time planets Right Ascension and Declination
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