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Cannot Get Enough-Money Tree-free coin,free cash,make money everyday

iPhone / iPad
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**the funnest game ever and you just can’t get enough with it**

“I was into digging my nose quite often and no girl likes me. Since I played Money Tree, my hands are free from my nose. Now I’ve got a fiancé.”

“I owe my recovery from piles to Money Tree. Coz’ it makes me walk around to show my unbeatable high score to others instead of sitting there all day. ”

“My girlfriend told me only if I can catch up with her in this game, then she would accept my proposal. But she has already been in the top 10 list. Please help~”

“Money Tree makes me more productive. I’m now more focused, patient and efficient. Now everyone in the office is playing it. ; ) ”

“I am actually a good people. I care about children very much. Oh no, Those kids waiting for school bus ranks in front me in Money Tree, Again!”

“Before sleeping with my husband, I’d like to tap the phone several times. Then he’ll do so as well. Now we are so in deep love.”

Simply tapping on the tree in the screen, you can get golden coins. More golden coins you collected, the fast you can get richer. How fast you can tap/swipe? How rich you can be?

How to Play:
Tap: Tap on the tree to get golden coins.
Invest in a business: Collect golden coins automatically
Enhance productivity: Golden coins get even more valuable
Invest municipal projects: you can get golden coins even quit the app.

And there’s more ways to help you collecting golden coins even more easier: double finger tapping, swiping on the screen, shaking the phone, etc.

There’s no wrong to pursue more money and don’t be shy of showing how rich you have been to your friends.
But watch out, some bad people will appear to make you lose money: thieves, robbers. only rich people can help you with your wealth’s growth.

So just tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,swipe,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake to make yourself a greater greater fortune.

Oh oh, don’t forget the money bag. A very useful tool for those people as dashing as you who can’t tap/swipe/shake forever…

"no life to be rich in the beginning, until they find the money tree" - Arne Su, the most successful player of Money tree