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ClueCRM Sales Lead Tracking

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How to effectivelly communicate with your clients without having to install a new email client, and get better responses to your proposals? ClueCRM does this and much more. Our story: - Having started our own business we understand the daily stress of selling products and services and the little time there is to get organized to follow up on each deal - We understand how challenging is to try to predict the sales at the end of the month so that we can pay the bills - Having worked with CRM systems for 15 years with companies small and large, we were constantly frustrated that there was no easy tool for small companies to build a sales process, specially if you had no background in sales. - We discovered what the successful sales pros were doing during this time and we packaged it around an easy to use app because we want to help small companies and entrepreneurs to focus on the essentials of selling. This is why we started this app. Key Advantages - What we learned was that the pros did not need 100 features. Just 4 steps: 1. Build a pipeline: segment your potential clients into sales stages to better target them. A potential client you just met is not the same as the one who is about to buy. They need to be managed differently. 2. Clearly define expected time of purchase to improve your sales forecast accuracy and calculate your monthly income. 3. Create a lead generation program to replenish the sales pipeline. 4. Communicate to potential clients based on their sales stage. NOT SPAMMING “the entire list” of potential clients - We call these 4 steps the ClueCRM 360 Sales Method The ClueCRM App: - With the Clue app, after you enter the contact and deal data into the app, your pipeline will be instantly generated into stages - When you enter your sales goal you can immediately see if you will reach your sales goal or if you have a gap - You can use the app Map Prospector tool to choose from 120 business categories in your city to look for new opportunities - Our email tool allows you to easily target each sales stage “separately" so that you can give the right message to EACH contact in that sales stage and avoid spamming the entire client list. - Our approach is different. We have seen many apps created by coders and not many by business people and this is why we focus on those 4 steps. There is more on the ClueCRM App: - Backup to iCloud. Your data is safe even if you lose your iPad so that you don’t have to worry about this. You only need to set this up with your iCloud account. - ClueCRM data synced to all your iPad and iPad mini devices instantly. Even if you have 2 or 100! - Tasks, reminders, calendar events all sync to iCloud so that you don't have to use multiple calendars and task lists. Use your favorite ones and all the ClueCRM data will be there. Lets get started! We offer dedicated educational email support during the first 1 month to get you started with the use of the ClueCRM 360 Sales Method and thereby ensure 100% customer satisfaction. However if you buy now we are offering an extension of the educational email support to 2 months until our next app update. So start now to improve how you organize your sales activities and get ahead of the game. p,.s. Take advantage of an app designed by business owners and not app developers. Get started with the ClueCRM 360 Sales Method designed for single users in mind and not corporations. Take advantage of the extra 30 days of educational email support, so click on the app store button to buy it start to apply the PRO sales tactics today for just 9.99!