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Simply Time

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With our Simply Time app you have a flexible and easy to use tool for teaching time in all formats. Switch between four different time formats to suit your child or lesson.

24 hour Digital
Roman numeral

Display Features and Options:

Time format
Choose from a range of time formats for learning to tell the time:

Analog (12 and 24 hour)
Digital (12 and 24 hour)
Roman numerals

In Analog mode, the clock can display with 1-12 hours on the inner dial and 13-24 hours on the outer dial to show 24 hour time.

Background sky
The Simply Time background shows a day or night time sky when the time changes from am to pm. You can customize the background sky settings to suit your time zone and season e.g. daytime sky starts at 6am and night time sky starts at 6pm.

The background sky is optional and can be changed to a plain grey background in settings.

Interface design

All Simply Simple apps are designed with children in mind. We use a soft tonal colour palette to create a calm user experience and reduce distraction. This design approach is particularly important for visual learners and helps all children to stay focused on their learning task.

Settings and Functions:

Time settings
The Simply Time clock is automatically set to the local time.

You can use the Real Time tab to view the analog and digital clocks at the same time and customise each one to display 12/24 hour and digits/roman numerals for the analog clock face.

Teaching functions
You can explore and play with the Simply Time app – it’s simple, intuitive and easy to use for teaching how to tell the time. Here are a few function highlights to get you started:

Simple touch and drag function to change time on the clock.
Segmented shading in analog clock shows number of minutes past/before the hour.
Clock displays minutes past box under the clock in writing so children can learn how to write and speak the time shown on the clock.
12 hour analog clock displays minute interval around the outer rim.
Switch between digital and analog displays to teach telling the time in both formats
Time intervals can be set to 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 45 minutes.
Corresponding written time displays, Quarter Past for 15 minutes past the hour, half past for 30 minutes past and Quarter To for 45 minutes.