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Food Matching

  • Health & Fitness
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Each food has its own characteristic. However, Change will happen when you mix several foods together.
Proper food matching cannot only promote nutrient absorption, but also prevent and treat diseases. In contrast, improper food match will lead to nutrient loss; long-term consumption of these foods can harm our health.
This app tells the dos and don'ts specialized for health care from the following aspects in detail: foods and medicines that can be and cannot be eaten together; common diseases and daily diet restrictions and permissions; health care tips for special groups and special seasons.
We introduce nearly 200 foods and their nutritional functions, purchasing guidance and cooking guidance, more than 2000 groups of foods that can be and cannot be eaten together; diet permissions and restrictions for over 70 common seen diseases and for different people, dos and dont’s for 8 health care methods.
It explains the Chinese regimen and analyzes the characteristics and ingredients of food and medicine for health care in detail, thus giving advices on food matching and provide scientific health care methods to us.
With the form of graphic, this app gives advices on the matching of foods and medicines according to different body, which provides the users with great convenience for searching.

【Characteristics of the app】

Easy-to-search diet schemes
Comprehensive food permissions and restrictions
2000 food permissions and restrictions for daily dietary care
Dozens of food videos and pictures
Latest interactive background composing technique

【Customer reviews】

My husband always has to work over time, and he doesn’t look very well. Recently, I cook foods for him following this app. It works! He looks great nowadays.
--- Grace
This app covers many users. It has the diet guidance for various people.
--- Byron
With the form of graphic, we can easily find the foods that can be and cannot be eaten together.
--- Kraft

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