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Transom | Note-taking for Writers

iPhone / iPad
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Transom is a note-taking app made for writers, by writers. Save all your ideas — big or small — and organize them on the fly so they’re easy to find later.

Writing is hard enough by itself, so we designed Transom to be simple: it consists only of Thoughts and Tags, with the (optional) functionality of Pieces and The Archive. Here’s a little about each:

Hold That Thought
Transom is always ready to capture that one perfect idea -- before it disappears forever. Hit the Big Blue Button from anywhere in the app to create a new Thought, Tag, or Piece. The app even opens with the keyboard up, because we know you’re always in “write mode,” too.

Organize on the Fly with Tags
So they’re easy to find later, Tag each Thought with at least one character or setting, and the name of the piece to which it belongs. Use the same tags to ensure Thoughts are grouped together. Edit (or delete!) Tags any time, and search through Tags to find all Thoughts associated with it. 

We found that most writers had a bunch projects-in-motion, but there’s always one or two that are most important. When tagging Thoughts, make sure you create one that is the name of the novel/story/poem. Then from the Tag view, swipe on that Tag and tap “Piece” to upgrade it. This makes it available in the Piece section of the app. (Sorry if this one’s a little confusing — it's a bit of a work in progress. But then again, aren't we all?)

The Archive
When you’ve used a Thought in your writing and no longer need it in plain view, swipe on it and tap Archive. Retrieve it under “Archived Thoughts” in the main menu.

Transom integrates with Apple iCloud, so your notes are stored safely in Data Heaven when you inevitably drop your phone in a toilet.

(Apologies and respect to the great Joseph Heller, from whose "Catch-22" and "Something Happened" we stole excerpts to fill the App-Store screenshots.)