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Causality - Time is money

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APP PROGRAM BREAKTHROUGH: "numbers" and "letters" share same "entry" now
NEW DYNAMICS: moving columns allow "profit flow"

Could you be your own accountant? Would you like your own "accounting firm" in the form of an app?

(Technically, you should have never wanted to be your own accountant because no one pays for your time regardless if gain or loss is discovered, so you would once pay another to be your accountant whilst you continue whatever you were doing resulting with accounting, but my app takes away "time," so read further how accounting's core "matching principle" is redesigned whilst taking advantage of this app's unique "entry" innovation)

Do you want to know your bottom line at any time? Do you want to avoid bankruptcy? Do you want to discover the greatest profit?

Would you like a computational tool at the speed of light?

Why bother to remember a long list of figures when a program can do it for you?

This is a new form of accounting. You do not have to check equations, the numbers that you input will not vanish, and you do not have to learn accounting terminology (new or original) to understand this dynamic matching principle. Forget about spreadsheet cells that divide letters or numbers because you can now have slots that can have both.

It is pairing the positive and the negative of an infinite series. It is like combining all accounting statements into one form.
The positive column represent "Assets." The negative column represent "Liabilities."

Again, each slot can be described in letters and numbers.
The tapping rules remain the same. Tapping once is to select a slot or scroll between slots.
Tapping a slot twice is to interact.
Tapping "Description" twice interacts with the alphabet. Tapping "Amount" twice interacts with the numbers.
Scrolling changes the "Cumulative" and the "Sum" relationships, but not inside the slots.
The "Sum" is the horizontal difference between slots.
The "Cumulative" is the sum of differences of all of the above. The "bottom line" is still at the bottom.

You can use any vocabulary you want because the mathematics stays the same. Hours of procedure have been removed. Avoiding bankruptcy and ascending to fortune is possible, because you would know when decisions should occur. The interactions here are as fast as freelance liquid finance.

Starting from the center, there are two ways to use this tool. The first style is to layer downwards and such will resemble the traditional thinking pattern with plenty of space above for the unexpected. The second style is to layer the positive entries upwards and layer the negative entries downwards so that scrolling geometrically substitutes "time" itself.

Either way, what you then have is (1) budgeting, (2) auditing, and (3) the matching principle digitally streamlined simultaneously. No longer do the numbers have to be grouped to fit a normal page because this is a scrolling digital page with 3,000 slots per column.

After the Free Week Trial, the subscription prices:

"Business Week" (7 days) is $1.99
"Business Month" (28 days) is $7.99
"Business Quarter" (84 days) is $23.99

It is an overlooked feature of the app, but if one were to share their Digital Cloud Account then one side could supply data and the other side could act on the data. There is no limit to sharing size.

And if you are really up to the challenge of complexity, you can combine "acronyms" and "dates" into the Description area of slots, simultaneously "coding" the figures. Such was "speed accounting" before preparation of the final accounting statements, but now it can be taken at face value.

And, unlike all previous office space, the Digital Cloud allows a separation between "hardware" and "data," which reduces typical business risk and requisite insurance for operations.

This app is like a ledger accountant (ancient) telling you your "bottom line" whenever you want (new). The app is like infinite ledger accountants representing privacy.