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Chess Meister

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Chess Meister provides a simple and beautiful interface where nothing comes between you and playing chess. Share the board with another player, and the pieces turn to face the player whose turn it is. Few controls, endless possibilities. Tap the blue button, and Chess Meister's peaBrain engine moves for you.

Give the peaBrain a hard move — and it will think longer and harder. If you make a bad move, be prepared for the peaBrain's rapid response. Use the unlimited undo-redo; or swipe left and right for the start and end of the game. Step through moves rapidly. Examine possibilities, develop your game and learn the names of the opening books.

Chess Meister is a challenge for new chess players and a companion for two people who need to share a chess board — inlaid with Morpho butterfly squares and Brazilian hardwood — a classic rendered in a modern parallax interface.

• Simple and Beautiful Interface.
• Just Chess — Nothing else in the way.
• Play with a Friend or against The Chess Meister.
• Two Player mode — Pieces Rotate to Face Player whose turn it is.
• Human style play with old school 'peaBrain' chess engine.
• Intuitive control — move with Drag or Tap-tap methods.
• Unlimited Undo/Redo — quickly step through game possibilities.
• Swipe inlaid controls left-right for start and end of game.
• Move Plies displayed in SAN (Standard Algebraic Notation).
• Opening Book (10,000 openings).