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The Great Bird Migration - Interactive Storybook for Children

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Have you ever noticed the birds in the spring and fall, soaring through skies in beautiful flocks? Did you ever wonder where they were going and why?

This is all part of bird migration. This round trip — thousands of miles long — is a search for the very best place to give birth to a new generation.

But this journey is also filled with danger and surprises that turn what could have been a tedious flight into a fabulous learning adventure about the behavior and life of these wonderful birds.

The story is narrated by professional actresses in Spanish and English, and includes brightly colored and attractive characters children love. They can also read the stories by themselves.

Education and Enjoyment for your children:

•Questions check understanding of what is seen and read.
•Multiple choice answers boost learning.
•Individualized scores allow you to review stories and improve scores.
•Interactive features reinforce reading for learners of all kinds.

Download this ebook now to help your children develop their culture, all wrapped into one gift.

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