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What Do You Prefer...? - Take the responsibility!

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What’s an average teenager supposed to do when all he has for friends are unhinged monsters, malicious mad scientists and other shady characters?

Be tough enough for our interactive cartoon show. You’ll need quick wits, quicker reactions and sheer skill.
Step up to the plate and help Random deal with his freaky friends!

Not for the faint-hearted or wimps of any kind!

Random is a boy who could be just like you. But Random has a great “advantage”: You — the light-footed, irresponsible decider. You alone can influence Random’s life and decide who he will spend it with.

You are the one to decide how Random will handle these daily challenges. Just wait and see how he fares thanks to your irresponsibility. Will he manage to avoid all the looming catastrophes?

But what’s this? The zombie’s developed a nasty rash that you have to deal with first, and the Viking woman is also feeling under the weather.

Time to put your skills to the test to keep Random’s own nerves in one piece among his outrageous circle of friends.

Enjoy thrilling action with lots of surprising video sequences — with black humor til you drop.



• 12 absurd race-the-clock games
• Hilarious entertainment app for all ages
• Whenever you wimp out and can’t make a decision, just use the “Wuss Button”
• High-quality illustrations and video sequences
• Comes with a scrapbook to collect all the crazy characters
• Cool original soundtrack to accompany and perfect the scenes
• Recorded in 3 languages: English, German and Swiss-German

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