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Vantage Space

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Say goodbye to paperwork, complicated Excel formulas, data errors, and observer training.

Say hello to Vantage Space where running space utilization studies is now fun & easy.

Packed with industry-leading best practices, by combining years of workplace experience at the highest level, we’ve hand-crafted the world’s premier space utilization tool.

▶ "We complete space utilisation survey set-up, training, and observation in 1/10th of the time with Vantage Space” ~A.M., London
▶ "With Vantage Space there's no lugging around paper & laptops for making space utilization observations. YES!" ~ Pam J, Singapore
▶ “The days of using quirky databases for space utilization surveys are over now I've found Vantage Space." ~ Frank E, Netherlands
▶ “With Vantage Space you get the info you want, better, & you don't go through ANY pain to get it!" ~ Grant, NYC, USA
▶ “I used to spend ages training observers. With Vantage Space, it is 'Here's the account, log in, off you go!' That's it!!" ~ E Chan, SF, USA

Save time & money in your workplace. Track occupancy levels, activities people do, and technologies that they use (and don’t use!). Identify spare desks, empty meeting rooms, unused floorspace, wasted furniture, and more.

Designed for:
◆ workplace professionals
◆ workplace strategists
◆ workplace consultants & consultancies
◆ space planners
◆ occupancy planners
◆ interior designers
◆ commercial architects
◆ Heads of Workplace
◆ Heads of Facilities
◆ Heads of Real Estate
◆ Fortune 500 companies

N.B. This iPad app is included free as part of your Vantage Space paid account.