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Electric Calculators including Capacitance, Conductance, Resistance, Surface Charge and more

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Electric Calculators is the ultimate conversion app for anyone using Electric calculations. The app is easy to use, and has tons of different conversions!

To use: enter in your value and the current type, press enter and it will show ALL the unit conversions from there.

For example:
Inductance Conversion
856 uH
= 0.000856 H
= 0.856 mH
= 856,000 nH
= 856,000 EMU

Surface Charge Density Conversion
65,880 C/m^2
= 6.588 C/cm^2
= 42.50314 C/in^2
= 6,588 abC/m^2
= 0.6588 abC/cm^2
= 4.250314 abC/in^2

Converters Included Are: Capacitance, Charge, Conductance, Conductivity, Current, Inductance, Linear Charge, Potential, Resistance, Resistivity, Surface Charge, Volume Charge

Cheaper than other calculators and easy to use. This app will fit all of your needs!