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Schale, Minuet in C from Yohondo

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Learn to play Minuet in C by Schale, as featured in the ABRSM 2015/16 syllabus.

All beginner pianists try to play too much, too fast, too soon and it really slows down their progress and makes learning the piano very frustrating. The best way to learn a piece is taking very small parts at a time, played slowly with an example sound to aim for. This slow approach is the fastest and most rewarding way to learn a piece and is exactly what Schale's Minuet in C from Yohondo gives you.

Sit at your piano, put your iPad in front of you and we’ll take you through learning Arietta step by step. With incremental exercises featuring professional sound recordings, animated notation and videos on technique. In each one listen and then play it yourself; or listen again and play along.

When you can play it successfully press Perform to record yourself, then listen back and rate how well you did. Was it good enough to get 3 stars?

Quotes from students and teachers:

'Learning the grade 3 piece Blue Sky Blues through Yohondo was an abso­lute rev­el­a­tion. It seemed way out of reach but with Yohondo the speed increase and con­fid­ence boost made it like learn­ing on ster­oids. Your accur­acy improves too because you learn to play it cor­rectly right from the start.'

My son found Yohondo incredibly useful, particularly the way the music was segmented into small pieces that he could both hear and see, so that he could really focus on the difficult bits. The proof was in the exam result as he got distinction for all his pieces.