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Bee Alliance

iPhone / iPad
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  • Strategy
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Bee Alliance is a simple to play, real-time strategy game.

This game takes us to the future. When human beings embark on doing a dizzying range of mechanical experiments in the nature out of scientific purposes, born are all sorts of mechanical creatures from A to Z including, the bees. With honey being one of those scarce nutrients which prolong the mechanical creature’s life, the evil breed of wasps with both physical strength and technological advances wage the war of plunder against the bees. The bees then form a daring alliance and fight the wasps back with all their might.

【Brand-New Features】
The Bee Alliance is a simple, real-time strategy game. At each stage, you need to choose from different kinds of bee in order to fight against waves of enemies. To win the game, you need to make sure your own base is intact and the enemy base is destroyed.

【A Variety of Bee Army Compositions】
In this game, 12 distinctive kinds of bee soldiers are up for fight. Some of them are ready to be used as shields against harm’s way, some are suitable for range attacks, some excel in group attacks in a large range and some have the skills to weaken the enemy or enhance the teammates. Different army compositions will lead to completely different combat results. Know yourself, know your enemy and make the right decision.

【Plenty of Stages and Enemies】
There are 4 chapters and over 80 independent stages in this game. Each stage contains 3 difficulty settings and each difficulty setting presents you with a unique army composition of enemies. There are 12 different kinds of evil wasps and each kind has 3 totally different advanced forms to develop into, which add up to 48 different forms of enemy altogether. At the end of every chapter, there will be the ultimate BOSS to give you the final test. Command your bees and defeat the enemies.

【Various Upgrade Contents 】
Through fighting the enemies and collecting the nectar, you can gain all sorts of resources to give the bees permanent upgrade of skills. Different bees have different and comprehensive upgrade packages including damage, defense, cost, capacity, etc. As the game goes on, each kind of bee will be able to unlock unique skills which will give great boost to their combat capabilities. After the skills unlocked, upgrade for each skill will be available. Upgrading your forces in a balanced and all-around way or giving special trainings to the frequently used and favored bees of yours, can be all fulfilled in this rich-content and multi-option upgrade system.