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ASPIRE: The Journey

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Life isn’t a game. But what if it were?

ASPIRE: The Journey lets you have a practice run of life’s twists and turns– in the virtual world.

In ASPIRE: The Journey, you get a sneak preview of what it’s like to navigate life’s decisions.
• What are you good at?
• How much time will you devote to work?
• When will you go back to school?
• Should you upgrade your skills?

The choices you make along the way determine how well your journey turns out.

In some ways, this virtual world isn’t so different from real life. To do well:
• Have the patience to figure things out before jumping into something new.
• Don’t get it right at first? No worries – try again until you do.
• Work hard to level up. Get really good at what you do.

You get 12 turns in total. How far you can go?

CHALLENGES: A chance to level up
Once in a while, you’ll face Challenges.
• Your workmates are on the verge of an argument.
• Your school assignment is due on Mom’s birthday.
• You find yourself doing big presentations at work. Time to develop your public-speaking skills.

These challenges give you a chance to take on something a little harder, and gain more Life Experience. Are you up to it?

ASPIRE: In Real Life
You may have read about ASPIRE in the news. ASPIRE – the Applied Study in Polytechnics and ITE Review – is about helping students (like you) make better choices at school and work, develop your skills, and progress in your career.

The goal? To help you level up – in real life. If you’re wondering what that means, well… it’s really for you to define.

You can read more about the ASPIRE Committee’s recommendations, and learn about how they’ll support your journey, at

GO ON A TRIP: Take lots of…screenshots.
Getting a high score in real life is a long-term endeavour. In the meantime, go on a little adventure with ASPIRE: The Journey. It may just be a game, but the questions it asks are inspired by reality. You might just find yourself considering options you’ve never thought about before.

There’s a surprise ending waiting for you. While the destination is well worth the journey, it’s worth keeping in mind that the journey is often its own reward.

Download ASPIRE: The Journey today, free on the App Store. Don’t forget to have fun!

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