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Clinician Connect

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Clinician Connect is a revolutionary app that allows clinicians to accept and request work in real time. Clinician Connect eliminates the need for frustrating and time consuming phone calls. Saving this hastle and waste of secretarial time will save you money.

Key features:

+ Simple sign up and preference setting: In order to make clinician connect work for you, simply set up an account in a simple one off process that allows you to send, receive, and accept requests relevant to your specialty and subspecialty. In preferences you can indicate the facilities you wish to work at, and the times you are available. You can even place the app in holiday mode so you don't receive notifications for work when you are away.

+ Easy to send and receive referrals: Once you are signed up sending and receiving requests is easy. To send a request for the services or to refer a patient to another clinician, simply go to the home screen tap New Request and then fill in the relevant details. The app will match the request to clinicians who match with your criteria. An in app notification will appear on relevant clinician devices and if they want the work they click on “I’m available” (It is best to set the alert style to “Alert” in the Notification Centre that is found in settings of your smart device).

+ Easy to check the status of your requests: You can easily check the status of any requests. Simply tap on each job to see the job detail. You can check the job information or if you have changed your mind, either cancel the job or cancel your availability. You can do this right up until the time a job is confirmed. With Clinician Connect you are in control. It's all about connecting clinicians while at the same time maintaining your flexibility and freedom.
Once you have been accepted for the job you will receive an in app notification and you will then be confirmed for the job

+ Representative and group functionality: You can link a secretary or representative to your account to send or receive requests on your behalf. You can also set up groups to send out requests to your favourites.
So join the revolution. Clinician Connect will make it easier for you to find the Clinicians you need and want. Clinician Connect will allow you to access work you never knew existed.