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Simplify college with SyllabEye!

Download and scan all of your syllabi for FREE!
Be the first users of the newest technology available for college students!

- Take a picture of your syllabus with your smartphone or tablet
- Assignments and tasks for the class are automatically extracted
- Review the extracted info, customize your reminders and accept
- Your course assignments have now been added to your calendar
- You'll be notified of YOUR tasks based on YOUR schedule

Never before has it been so easy to keep up with all of your work in all of your classes. With SyllabEye, you'll always know what is due. No more thinking to yourself, "Oh, the test is today?”, or, “I feel like I might have homework?”.

Professors routinely reiterate the importance of following the syllabus and turning in assignments on time. SyllabEye will help students do just that. Parents may now have the comfort in knowing that, thanks to SyllabEye, their students' cellphones are actually HELPING them stay on top of their studies.

For those of you who struggle with organization, SyllabEye is your equalizer. For those of you who are already organized, SyllabEye can save you valuable time, allowing you to focus on your academic success.

HOW TO USE SyllabEye
1- Stand up in broad daylight or anywhere with good lighting
2- Hold camera up above table with syllabus page
3- Capture the syllabus by lining the 3 guidelines parallel with the text to ensure that everything is neatly lined up
4- Scroll through the scanned schedule and make sure everything is correct.
5- Select events to add to your calendar.
6- Within your calendar, customize the notifications, as you please

Not all syllabi formats are presently compatible with SyllabEye, but we are constantly improving our app. Many schools across the country are in the process of standardizing their syllabus templates to formats known to be fully compatible with SyllabEye.