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C3 Wave™

  • Medical
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The C3 Wave™ assists in the placement of PICC catheters by medical professionals. It can be used by itself in "demo mode" for training and demonstration purposes, and pairs with hardware components available from Medcomp® to be used in live medical procedures.

When used in demo mode, the app produces ECG waveforms that simulate a human patient. A slider control allows manual adjustment of the ECG wave to show waveforms present during a real PICC placement procedure. Snapshot images can be taken of the ECG wave in its various shapes to document the procedure. When used in live procedures, the same screen output and controls are present, but the ECG waves are real instead of simulated.

Once all desired snapshots are captured and a procedure is finished, the user may export captured data to a wireless printer, web-based EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system, or share snapshot images saved to the iPad's photo album.