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Bobby Go

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Board
  • Strategy
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The game is for two players on a 16 box board. Each player owns 4 pieces which, at game start, are placed on the respective base rows (view foto 1).

Each player, at his turn, can move one piece at a time by one step in any direction (view foto 2), or by two steps, jumping over an opponent's piece (view foto 3), provided that the destination box is empty. After each move the turn passes to the opponent. The same move cannot be repeated more than twice.

To win the game, a player must place three pieces of his color aligned on a diagonal line (view foto 4), or four pieces on a vertical line (view foto 5).

The user moves the red pieces, while the opponent (the smartphone) moves the black ones.

To make a move, touch the ball to be moved, then touch the destination cell.

The standard game, in solitaire against the device, offers three different gaming levels,
which can be selected using the buttons with 1,2,3 red balls.

Alternatively, two-players mode can be selected, using the red-black button. In this case,
two human players play against each other, sitting at opposite sides of the smartphone, and alternate their moves.

The new 2015 version allows to play online with a remote user.
To play online, both players must have a wifi connection on their smartphones.
When the application is launched, a page is shown, allowing choice between a solitary or an online game.

If online is selected, the first time it is necessary to subscribe using your mail address, which since then will be used to create a score for all the remote players.

After registering, the application will wait to be connected, looking for another remote player. The waiting time could be long, until another available player is found. If you don't want to wait any more, touch the Cancel button, to go back to the previous menu.

If a match is found, on both connected smartphones the game board is shown, and the game starts. One player will have red pieces, and will do the first move, while the second player will move the black ones.
After moving, each player must wait for the opponent's move, and then do the next move.