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I learn

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Produced in association with Screen Australia 'I learn' is featured in the National Literacy Trust's Literacy Apps guide, 'Best New Apps' and 'Great Kids Apps and Games".

* "were immediately in love with this well-designed app... It's creative, interactive, fun and educational."
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I learn makes starting school fun. It is designed to get kids and their parents thinking and talking about starting school, kindergarten or pre-school.

Kids create the characters to put a character who represents them, their teacher and a parent into the words and pictures of the story. The app blends their photos, illustrated hair styles, outfits, colour choices and voice recordings into an engaging interactive story about starting school. As well as creating their characters, kids practice writing their name and setting the time that they need to be ready to leave home for school before listening to the story.

The story pages are interactive, inviting kids to touch and explore the pages to progress through the story which begin with the child getting their character up out of bed, brushing their hair and getting dressed ready for school. They need to pack their bag with the sort of things they'll need to take to school.

To get from home to school kids play a board game, reminiscent of the pre-apps era, rolling the dice to encounter all sorts of obstacles and assistance. There are puddles, dogs and cats, friends to meet, a helicopter and bus to catch, and a road to cross (when the lights turn green!) to get to school before the bell goes.

At school it's crowded and noisy. Kids choose an emoticon to indicate whether they're feeling excited, proud, shy, nervous, happy or sad. Once in the classroom they meet children and can find others who are feeling the same way. Kids can practice their numeracy skills (tailored to their age) and learn phonics with a game of I spy. These learning activities are designed to build their confidence up for school, they are subtly educational.

In the playground kids practice interacting with friends, kicking the ball, watering the garden, doing cartwheels or balancing on logs. At the end of the day the child chats to their parent about how they feel about school now, providing a neat opening for children and their parents to have these conversations in real life. say "this fabulous application is ... fun, educational, interactive and creative"

I learn (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. To learn more, go to

√ Educational features and interactions:
* Text highlight as narrated;
* Learn to write your name;
* Get dressed, brush your hair, make your bed and pack your bag ready to go;
* Roll the dice and play a fun take on the classic board game: can you get to school, kinder or preschool on time?;
* Numerical problems tailored to child's age;
* Play I spy, learn letter sounds and identify those letters in words;
* Talk about how you might feel about going to kinder, preschool or school;
* Identify the emotions felt by other children in the classroom;
* Play in the playground.

Designed for children 3 to 8 years old.
Made for iPads, iPhones and iPod touch.

√ Enter our parental gate to access our website for resources for parents with children starting kinder or school, view our privacy policy, etc.

√ I learn contains no third party advertising. Website links are safely behind our parental gate so your child can play safely and without interruptions.

You can choose not to use the photos and microphone, however we think the app is much more fun if you do! We take your privacy seriously. This app is designed for you to add a photo of your child's face and to record their name. If you choose to do this, the photo and recording is not sent to or received by us. If you would like to know more you can read our privacy policy at