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Enroute Chart Study Aid

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For pilots looking to get their instrument rating, the ability to read and understand an enroute chart is a critical skill. The AvPro LLC Enroute Chart Study Aid provides the you with the information you need to excel in your flight training. By combining detailed images with thorough explanations, a pilot is able to quickly learn the dozens of symbols on an enroute chart and their associated purposes. Never again have to spend time at a flight school just to learn how to decode an IFR chart!

Using the Enroute Chart Study Aid a flight training students will quickly and easily learn the dozens of airspaces and symbols on an IFR enroute chart that flight training students are required to know in order to obtain their instrument rating! All the symbols are grouped in a few main categories, allowing you to focus on just the areas you want to learn. Each symbol has a highly detailed description as to its purpose and is accompanied by an associate picture that clearly demonstrates the entry.

-Detailed encyclopedia with over 50 unique entries, each with a high resolution image that clearly demonstrates the symbol being displayed on the enroute chart!

-An example enroute chart with scroll and zoom functions allowing you to explore the various markings without having to purchase an IFR chart!

-Quiz section to help test your knowledge including many questions pilot examiners like to ask. Quiz questions cover a wide area of enroute chart subjects in order to best prepare you to get your instrument rating!

New features scheduled to be added at regular intervals to help you get the most flight training value from the app!