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CoachCam - Video Analysis

iPhone / iPad
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  • Sports
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Powerful enough for the professional, simple enough for everyone!


Analyse videos like never before. CoachCam video analysis app allows you to use a revolutionary range of features to mark-up your videos, providing you with the opportunity to instantly analyse and deliver feedback during training or matches.

Discover a whole new level of communication between coaches, players or even parents through the ability to create your own analysis videos, allowing you to effectively share your coaching knowledge and insight.

So whether you are a beginner trying to learn the basics of a sport or a world champion athlete looking to optimise training or performance techniques, CoachCam is the app for you.

Take performance to the next level in any sport: CoachCam can be used to enhance players, teams or coaches knowledge of performance through its effective analysis features.



-- Import a range of videos or record live
-- Cut & Move (players or objects to anywhere on the screen - EXCLUSIVE to CoachCam)
-- Add text
-- Player & space highlight
-- Arrows & lines
-- Frame-by-frame analysis
-- Scene browser (allows you to skip between analysis points, name, edit & delete - EXCLUSIVE to CoachCam)
-- Export unlimited amount videos to MP4 file
-- Offline editing (no WI-FI required)
-- Choice of five colours for all functions


Record it | CoachCam it | Share it



-- Upload any video from your camera roll into CoachCam app
-- Record live via the app or via camera on device (portrait and landscape recording)
-- Upload pre recorded footage (from GoPro, Drones, official recordings, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)


-- Edit videos by adding text, drawing lines, arrows, circles, squares or freehand highlight tools
-- Cut and move players to show better positioning


-- Export unlimited amount of video to camera roll
-- Export in MP4 file
-- Quickly share videos via email, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive & other 3rd party apps
-- Use Airplay to showcase analysis on large screens


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“CoachCam allows you to convey many coaching points. It’s very simplistic to use and you can portray that easily to fellow players or coaches”

-- Greig Paterson, (Scottish FA, Coach Education Manager)

“CoachCam makes analysis possible. You can move players around and get them into position. Most analysis tools you can’t do that without paying for very expensive software but with CoachCam you can. You can do so much with it (CoachCam). It's brilliant for Raith Rovers, we want to show our players how to improve, we’ve got a young squad and they are into their technology”

-- Gary Locke, (Raith Rovers Football Club, Manager)

“CoachCam is a great tool for us to use, making it easier for us to get going with our coaching careers”

-- Jamie Mackie, (UEFA B Licence candidate, Queens Park Rangers & Scotland striker)

“It is possibly the best learning tool we have”

-- (UEFA A Licence Candidate)

"Every professional coach who wants to work successfully in his area needs to make sure he uses his time on and off the pitch as efficient as possible. Therefore he needs to make use of the best technology available to get messages and technical content across. CoachCam is such a tool because it is easy to handle and it delivers immediate feedback to the players during the training process - the coach therefore can have a very positive impact on the player's development."

-- Hans Leitert, (Goalkeeping Consultant)

“Effectively analysing match performance with detailed feedback is essential for the development of any athlete. CoachCam makes this process simple and easy by allowing you to create an analysis video, which can then be either watched instantly during training or sent to the athlete (fellow coach) to view after a match.”

-- Dave Macdermid, (Tennis Scotland)