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Massage for Diseases at Neck, Shoulder, Waist and Leg

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Do you know the acupuncture points that are vital to our health?
Do you want to diagnose your healthy status at neck, shoulder, leg and waist and eradicate these diseases?
Do you know how to do after you woke up with stiff neck?

Actually, diseases at the neck, shoulder, leg and waist are caused by the blockage of Qi and blood to the area. We can stimulate the blood circulation by massage.

This app is designed specially for the patients who suffer from pain at neck, shoulder, leg or waist. Not only does this app introduce the position and function of the body acupuncture points, but also it marks the points and shows us the massage skills and positions with colored pictures!

If you feel uncomfortable, all you need to do is massage the acupuncture points following this app, the skills will release your pain. Long-term exercise could even help you to get rid of the pain and disease at neck, shoulder, leg and waist!

【Characteristics of the app】

Massage techniques explained with pictures
Designed by professors with over 40-year experience
Introduction of the acupuncture points
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I suffer from neck pain because of my job. Try the massage methods in this app really can release my pain.
--- Li Ping
With this app, I can give massage for my self at home without cost of a penny!
--- Xia Congde
Explaining the massage techniques and positions with pictures make this app easy to follow.
--- Xu Lili

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