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Communities foster a sense of belongingness that differentiates them from social groups.

Whether it is a religious sentiment or a cultural focus or just a residential location, all community members share a common thread that binds them together. This helps them identify with each other.

Community members communicate with each other, help each other, manage complaints resolution, manage community bazaars etc.

CommunityAppz helps put all this together in an easy to use app. In addition, it also helps communities recognize and promote the symbiotic relationship it shares with local vendors and tradesmen by helping connect with all members in an easy way through the app.

Ask for help
One of the major benefits of a community is the sense of belongingness it fosters. Members though unrelated share a common link that binds them together. Members thus can ASK other members for help without feeling constrained. “I need a job”, or “I need a painter to paint my house” – each request can be easily posted and reached to all the community members and any one from them can step up and help the member in need.

Community Media
When members of a community participate in any event, memories are created and stored in form of pictures and videos. This feature allows the community administrator to moderate and share all community pictures and videos of special occasions with all other members. The purpose here is to just share a memory and not to comment and like or opine about a picture.

Notice Board
One of the common challenges that communities face is the mode of communication about events, invitations, maintenance updates etc. Traditionally, paper slips are inserted in mail-boxes. Some technically enlightened communities also use SMS as a way of informing its members. Even then there are some unhappy members who “never” get the message.
With this app, send mass or individual notices, announcements, invitations, etc. to all members. Useful for announcing holidays, reunions and sending seasonal greetings to all your comrades

Social Connections
Some members like sharing more than others. To enable this sharing, the app connects all members to their community’s social media’s public page. So the members can post their updates and tweets to their hearts content without impinging on members who don’t want to sieve through status updates to find what they are looking for.

There is a symbiotic relationship between every community and the local vendors and tradesmen. The app provides the community with a platform to promote local businesses within the community members and their family members by booking and displaying two banner ads.
This serves the dual purpose of helping the local traders to reach their targeted customers in a very economical way as well as providing an additional source of revenue for the community.

Member directory
Community is all about being able to connect with other members. The app provides the ability to all members to share their email, phone numbers and other contact details as per their convenience and choice. Members can thus reach out to other members and build strong community relationships.

Member’s Family Members
Each member of a community also has complete access to the app for their immediate family members (spouse, children, and parents) who are living with them. This way the entire family is positively able to participate in the community functioning.

Emergency Numbers
Each member has the option to list numbers to be contacted in case of emergencies

Local directory
This local directory helps all the members of a community to reach put to specific vendors immediately. This directory contains numbers of local businesses like “Pizza Hut” or grocery stores, etc. Local businesses are charged a nominal monthly fee for listing their contact details.