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1. XFT-2003 SEMG Biofeedback electrical stimulator is the XFT latest and new generation of multifunctional rehabilitation equipment, which can be used in rehabilitation department and neurological department in the hospital. This device has a variety of functions, such as Multimedia Interactive Game Triggered by sEMG signals, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, EMG feedback triggered electrical stimulation.

2. Multimedia Interactive Game Triggered by sEMG signals: When the patient contracting the muscles, the device can detects sEMG signals, and then the device can use the sEMG signals to control and play the game.

3. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation: Patient can use iPad to load electrical stimulation protocol to do passive electrical stimulation training.

4. EMG feedback triggered electrical stimulation: The device can detect and use the patient’s sEMG signals to trigger low frequency electrical stimulation. Electrodes must be placed on a specific body parts to stimulate the muscles and make the paralysis limb achieve voluntary movement.

PS:This is the Upgrade edition of App-sEMGBFB. Add Swallowing EMG test, Stimulation intensity controller, read thershold value, choose the background music and pictrue of Jigsaw Show by self, switch background music of game.