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Freedom - Reduce Distractions

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
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Stop being distracted by your phone!

Please note: To use this app, you must have a Freedom account. We'll soon be adding the ability to create an account directly from the app.

Freedom is an incredible service that prevents you from being distracted by your phone, tablet, or computer. Our iOS app blocks Apps, Websites, and Email so you can focus and get more done. You can schedule your block sessions, and use Locked Mode to prevent cheating.

An important note: We have made this application available for free to users of our service. Soon, you will be able to subscribe to Freedom directly from the app, but until we implement this functionality, the app is for people with a Freedom account.

How does Freedom work? Freedom uses a lightweight “Limited VPN Profile,” which allows Freedom to block content directly on your device. Freedom never makes a VPN connection to a server, and your browsing information never leaves your phone. It is completely secure and private.

There are some things Freedom can’t do. Freedom can’t block phone calls or texts that come across cellular networks. No apps can do that. Freedom also can’t prevent you from opening apps. Freedom prevents Apps, Browsers, and Email clients from getting new content.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to find quiet and get work done. We know you’ll love Freedom.

What’s up with our reviews?

Technology: Freedom 1.0 (our previous version of the app) did in fact use a “split-tunneled” VPN to block content. Prior to Apple’s enabling of technology to support on-phone blocking, this was the only way to block content. However, it was slow and cumbersome. Freedom 2.0 (the app you’re downloading now) is ultra fast, never makes a VPN connection, and is light years better than Freedom 1.0.