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Gummii: Sticks!

  • Education
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An iPad first!

Gummii:Sticks! is a touchscreen twist on an educational classic: the visual calculation method widely known as Japanese multiplication.

This ingenious technique has helped countless learners master long multiplication by vividly illustrating how place value works (CCSS.Math.Content.4.NBT.B.4).

Developed with a leading educator, Gummii's re-imagining for iPad makes Japanese multiplication more accessible and instructive than ever.

Sticks! engages spatial, visual and tactile senses simultaneously, enabling faster concept acquisition and better retention.

Sticks! can used as:

- Part of a teacher-facilitated exploration of the Standard Algorithm for multiplication

- An in-class practice tool

- A discovery experience for independent learners

- A fun tool for kids of all ages who want to brush up on their long multiplication.

For more about Gummii and how to use in class at and home, visit