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WOW !!

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This app was designed to assist the users in creating an amazing life filled with happiness, positive energy and genuine gratitude. The app encourages users to document amazing, positive and unforgettable moments in their lives.

The primary function of WOW! Moment app is to make users aware that they can create a life in which they will feel happier, energised and ready to take in life’s challenges with optimism.

So, here’s how it works. 

1. Capturing:

Anytime the user experiences an event in their life that makes them say or think “WOW!” with a smile, thus creating a feeling of pure happiness, unlimited energy and total confidence, they need tap their WOW! App and document it.
a.) Write about it
b.) Recording an audio message
c.) Videotaping the event
d.) Taking a picture capturing that WOW! Moment.

(It is important for the user to be as descriptive as possible, especially if they are writing or verbally recording the magical moment later in the day.)

2. Positive Data Base:

The App will have a running count of all the WOW!! Moments that are captured. The top ten moments will be set according to your preference.

3. Re-live and Re-experience:

With this data, the user will develop a way to instantly change how they think and feel at any given moment, to a feeling that is positive, happy, energetic and confident!

4. Benefits of the App:

a.) The WOW!! Moments will start to increase, creating a feeling of anticipation that something positive could occur at any moment.
b.) Intensity of WOW!! Moments increase. Making the user feel even more positive, happy, energised and confident!
c.) Reminder Function, gives the user the ability to send themselves a reminder to refocus on the positive things in their life.
d.) Increased Gratitude towards the user's life and all the gifts the user receive daily.
e.) The user can send a reminder to their friends and family to “Have a WOW!!Filled Day!”
f.) Finally, a competitive user can challenge their friends and family to see who can capture more WOW!! Moments.

Although the WOW! moments are purely subjective, it still helps in changing the mindset from negative to positive. Therefore changing the user's outlook on life.