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Scriblr / your personal storybook

iPhone / iPad
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Scriblr is here to become your personal storybook.

Do you want to become a better writer?

Do you want to write more often?
“Yes, but I don’t know what to write about”

Let me help you with that!

You will get a personal word and emotion every time you start the app. So you can write a story with new inspiration each time. The emotion can guide you to get the feel of your story right.

You can even set daily notifications so you never forget to write a new story. You can immediately start writing from this notification or let it remind you another time when you don’t have time at that moment.

All of this sounds amazing right?

Even better all of this is totally offline, so you can write whenever and where-ever you are!
Let me get some examples for you:
- You’re bored on a train
- You’re flying above all available WiFi-networks
- You’re laying wide awake in bed
- You’re driving to… Scratch that, don’t use your phone while driving!
- You have to wait forever to get some food at that one restaurant
- You might even be in space

Are you convinced yet? (You better be)

“What about sharing my stories?”
While everything is available offline, you can still send out your stories to all your friends, family and even your pets. (Yes, we all know you have a social media account for them)

So what are you waiting for, press that download button!
Can’t wait to help you with those amazing stories you’ll write!
Talk to you later!