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HDR 360 Bracket Pro for Ricoh Theta

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Photo & Video
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Do you need 360 degree HDR Images for Visual Effects, Video Game Development, or Virtual Reality? Welcome to the best value for the process. The Theta S Camera and this App are 10% the cost of the next best solution. Images are great for Unity 5, Unreal, Nuke, Modo, Vray, Maya, IBL, PBS, PBR, Light Probe, Reflection, and more.
This app and it's results have been used in Film and TV by Visual Effects studios around the world.
A Full HDR Bracket Capture is done in 60 seconds or less.
This app is made for Professionals and Advanced Amateurs. It's not a toy and it's not a Tone Map Image Generator. This is for making real dynamic range. Yes you can use the images to generate a tone map "HDR" style image, and they look great, however the target for this app is Light probes on a set.

Our beta testers are VFX Sups, leading researchers, and game developers. Their feedback helps shape what this app can do.

Fixed Brackets
This mode takes the same exposures each time, the schedule is defined by the Image count you select. Ranging from 1/6400 to 1/1.6 seconds.
The point of this mode is that it shoots as fast as the camera can to slow enough for most scenes.
White Balance: We don’t have access to raw so you have to pick one. Daylight is recommended as it’s closest to the native sensor data.

EV Comp
This is the “Smart” Bracket mode. It has it’s limits, especially in low light. This shoots 1 image as an auto exposure then reads the exif data to calculate what the other exposures should be. This is limited by the fact that the theta S has a minimum shutter floor for the auto exposure. A future app update is planned to have a compensation for this.
This mode is great because it let’s you define your EV range and Shot count dynamically.

Night Master
Hey my interface is all dark! Yes. Because this mode is for use in night photography and it’s not nice to knock out your night vision. This mode is very different as it’s not HDR focused. It’s for shooting great theta images in low light. I have been taking late night long exposures for years and this is built around my workflow. Ideally I want to shoot at iso 100 for the best quality and longest light streaks. However that means very long shutter times. I also want to know what exposure setting to use without having to shoot 40 and 60 second images. The way I solve this is to have buttons to quickly change the ISO without effecting the exposure. This means you can move the slider in LQ mode, hit Capture Long Exposure and see a result quickly, repeat till your happy with the results then press Med or HQ and shoot your final image. This mode saves 20+ taps in the Theta S official app.

Ricoh Theta is Copyright © Ricoh Company, Ltd
This is a 3rd party app using the Ricoh Theta SDK