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Super Di-Books Series

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The stories presented in this electronic interactive book are composed of illustrations, interactivity, and an animated cartoons video that is shown at the end of the story. The stories intended to be used by the parents reading the story to their small children and allowing them to interact with the story. Different children present an anti-value or undesirable behavior in each one of the stories. Super Didi or Super Pepin, the heroes of this stories; invite children and their parents to discuss the behavior of children in the story. In order to promote behavioral changes among small children, it is needed that a child has the opportunity to acknowledge the undesirable behavior and reason its consequences that are elements used in these multi award-winning stories.
The stories are produced using the social learning theory of Dr. Professor Bandura with the intention to promote children’s pro-social behavior. When the children watch the bad behaviors of other children, they also can see the consequences of their behavior. This combination has shown to inspire children to reject bad behaviors and adopt good behaviors.
These stories full of color, music, action and educational messages are very much loved by children even when they act in a similar way that the children in the story.