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Let's Quizz! - The Quiz App

iPhone / iPad
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LET’S QUIZZ! is a multiplayer Quiz game you can play in three different modes. The FREE version is turn based and played on your iPhone. You can expand the functionality of LET’S QUIZZ! by buying the „PRO-VERSION“ to play simultaneously with friends using just your iPhones or with an Apple TV on your TV. More than 32.000 Questions in English or in German were developed by former Trivial pursuit question creators. You choose your language version.

Unique Advantages and Features of LET’S QUIZZ!

- LET’S QUIZZ! using iPhone to iPhone

You can invite a friend to a duel or let our server find you a random competitor from players around the world. There are six rounds with four questions each per game. You and your competitor chose the category of the questions from 4 randomly selected categories. The clock starts as soon as the possible answers appear. The faster you answer the questions, the more points you collect. Be careful though, because each player has two „Jokers“.
The Jokers:
„TIME OFF“   Gives you unlimited time to select the correct answer.
„ONE OFF“   One of the wrong answers disappears and you have a 50% chance of being right.

- Additional „Jokers“ can be purchased

After you install LET’S QUIZZ! you automatically receive a basic package of „TIME OFF“ and „ONE OFF“ jokers. After you have used them up, you can purchase additional jokers in the In-App-Store.

- LET’S QUIZZ! „PRO-VERSION“ (In-App-Purchase)

You and your friends can enjoy a game simultaneously using your iPhones only or with an Apple TV and experience competitive fun together. You can purchase the multiplayer „PRO-VERSION“ using the In-App Store.

Up to eight players can play together. Each player answers the questions using the player’s iPhone as a controller. All of the Quiz Battles featuring questions and answers, results and statistics appear live on the TV screen via Apple TV or if you play „MULTIPLAYER LIVE“ on every iPhone.

- Large question data base and lots of categories

32,000 questions are waiting for you to answer. The questions are derived from all areas and interests and provide a remarkable number of surprising facts. This question data base will grow continuously.

There are 17 exciting categories to test the width of your knowledge.

You can choose your favorite categories ranging from Sports and Lifestyle to The Secrets of Mankind! There’s something to learn for everybody.

- Advertising – Yes or no?

LET’S QUIZZ! is downloaded for free on your iPhone. For a small fee, all advertising can be thrown out forever.

- The team

Willi Andresen has many years of experience as an author of quiz formats and quiz apps. For 25 years he was the sole author of the German edition of the well known board game „Trivial Pursuit“. He conceived of over 200,000 questions and answers in this time and was known as the „Lord of the Questions“
Björn Carstensen, BCW Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH
Kay Mathiesen, FORTY-TWO Software-Entwicklung GmbH