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The first photo app suitable for toddlers and small children to safely view own photos and videos.
· no accidental deleting, editing or sending of photos
· no way to exit the app with disabled Home button (Guided Access)
· safe and easy to navigate, made for small children
· access only to selected photo albums
· supports the desire to recognize familiar faces and things

Photos have a strong appeal to small children. They love to view photos of themselves and of beloved persons. The recognition of familiar faces and things is an important part of their cognitive development. Today, most photos are taken with the iPhone and can be viewed instantly. But until now there was no suitable way to let small children or even toddlers view their photos and videos on the iPhone.

The fotokinder app is the first child-oriented photo app to safely view own photos and videos without the risk of accidentally deleting, editing or sharing them. There are no external links and there is no way to leave the app, once the Home button is disabled with Apple's Guided Access feature. The navigation is very easy with just three options: left, right, and overview. A single tap zooms in and out of photos or starts videos. Of course it is also possible to swipe left or right. You can choose which photo albums can be accessed by the app. Tip: Create a special album with photos which are relevant for your child and restrict the access of the fotokinder app to this album.

Being parents ourselves we wanted to build an app which considers the needs of small children as well as those of parents. While using the fotokinder app please make sure to always follow these safety instructions:
- never leave your child alone or unattended while it plays with your iPhone

- activate Flight Mode while your child plays with your iPhone in order to avoid unnecessary exposure to cell phone radiation

- make sure that your iPhone will not drop on hard surfaces or in any way that may damage it, if your child lets go of it or throws it

- make sure that the time which your child spends with the iPhone suits its age
Please send us suggestions for improvements and/or your feedback to: