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Send messages when you get there!

HnT is based on a very cool principle: notifying others when you arrive at a location, without anyone being able to track you.

Originally, it was an app to notify my mom when I arrived at school so she would know I was safe. Now, it's available for everyone! There is a great scope of possibilities for HnT to assist in, ranging from a child notifying their parents that they get to school, to employers receiving notifications when their employees arrive/leave the office.

HnT enables you to schedule SMS messages to be sent to certain people when you reach a specific destination. The coolest thing is that the app doesn't even attempt to follow you - it only sends notifications when you arrive or leave a certain region which you choose!

For example, Sophie wants to notify her friends Jake, Justin, and Nicole when she arrives at San Fransisco, CA. All she has to do is type in the address and select their names from her contacts! When she gets there, HnT will automatically text them!

Now, Sophie planned to meet up with a friend at Times Square, right in the center of Manhattan, NY. She sends a location request to her friend, asking to notify her when getting there! Her friend instantly is asked whether to "Accept" or "Decline" the request - if it's accepted, HnT will automatically kick in, and will message Sophie the moment her friend arrives at Times Square!

This is useful for employees to automatically clock-in, schools for automatic attendance, or even when you host a party to see who has already arrived!

The best part is HnT doesn't let others track you - NO ONE can access information about where you are! HnT only sends text messages to the people you select when you arrive or leave a place!

HnT is at the right place, at the right time!