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Go Fun Yourself!
“A stroke of creativity, tactics and imagination!”.

Yukti is a puzzle game in which you play with the tactics, creativity and imagination of your touch.
All levels have a simple goal to land the asteroid onto the sun. You draw a stroke that travels in space with the speed and the path that you define. Your stroke repeats its pattern in space and travel to dodge the black holes in the space. Sun is surround by a shield that protects it from any other outer body, but if travelling asteroid absorbs the energy of other planets, it can penetrate the shield to enter the surface of sun. The game starts with easier puzzles that teach you to understand the tactics that you need to solve the puzzles. Every level can be solved with several tactical solutions, use your creativity to choose which one you want.

Yukti is a surreal exploration through space. What you draw repeats itself in time and move forward in space - watch your creativity defining the path of an Asteroid.

Features :
- More than 50 mind bending levels
- High end graphics
- Exclusive sound track
- Energy efficient code to save battery life
- 60+ Avatars/Characters to play with