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Whizzalign is a fun, simple and an exciting game! 
It challenges a player's ability to memorize, reason, and think logically.
The game is appropriate for all players of all ages, and aside from auditory processing, it may be used to exercise and improve most cognitive abilities of a person.

Game's Objective:

Objective of this game is to discover position and colour of five distinct circles hidden by the program at the bottom of screen.
A player aims to align five uniquely coloured circles in such a way that each circle matches its position and colour to that of corresponding circle hidden by the program.

A player begins by randomly selecting five distinct circles, which in turn follows by the program displaying three numbers, as a feedback to player's selection.
The player should then analyze the program's feedback to improve the accuracy of next set of selection.

Rounds of selecting-circles by a player and receiving-feedbacks from the program, repeats, until either a player's selection is a perfect match to the program's hidden circles, or a player runs out of number of attempts allowed for selected level.

How to play:

1) Begin by randomly selecting five colours (circles) from a set of eight provided to you.

2) Confirm your last selection of step #1, by pressing on the blinking-hand that appears on your last selection.

3) Notice the result of your selections by analyzing the updated figures in columns just to the right of the blinking-hand you just pressed in step #2.

4) Repeat steps #1 thru #3, except, step #1 should NOT be carried out randomly, anymore.

Program's Feedback:

- Green-column indicates number of circles having correct position and correct colour (i.e, Perfectly Matched).

- Yellow-column indicates number of circles having only correct colour. Meaning , they are part of the final solution, but currently are in a wrong position (i.e, Matched Colours Only).

- Red-column indicates number of circles with wrong colour, and therefore are NOT part of the final solution (i.e, No Match).

Simply said, the goal is to have the number "5" displayed in the Green-Column of program's feedback, where the numbers in Yellow and Red columns are then forced to zero.

Different levels and features of Whizzalign are explained in a table, in "Options" section of the program. In particular, available attempts and hints are different from one level to another. In addition, the graphics and user-friendly design of Whizzalign will guide players to a proper sequence of steps necessary to play the game.

For comments, suggestions or reporting bugs, please contact

Thank you for choosing Whizzalign and happy whizzaligning!