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RC Heli Calc

iPhone / iPad
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RC Heli Calc works on both the iPad and iPhone. It is a set of three calculators for determining, estimating, and analyzing the gear ratios, motor Kv, Lipo, and head speed configurations on remote controlled helicopters. Two of the calculators are for electrics and one is for nitro powered helicopters. The second electric calculator is a dedicated 2 stage calculator. This multi-gear calculator is designed for helicopters that use a set of keyed gears between the main gear and the pinion. All four gear counts can be entered directly, thus there is no need to use an "estimated" number.

RC Helic Calc provides all of the information necessary to assist in setting up an electronic speed controller (ESC), including a throttle curve slider.

Customizing your electric helicopter, ESC, and transmitter are now a snap. The program analyzes the gearing combination and uses the battery "LIPO" and electric Kv motor configuration to determine the head speed. The throttle slider on the calculator can be matched to the throttle curve on your transmitter for quick and easy set ups, every time.

Analyzing new configurations (what if analysis) is as easy as moving a slider. All of the inputs are instantly calculated and the results are continuously displayed. The calculator includes a "find?" button, a data base containing over 80 of the most popular RC Helicopters models, including those no longer in production.

The sliders allow for quick and easy analysis of various motor, pinion, gear ratio and cell size combinations. You can also turn the device sideways to maximize the movement of the sliders. The "tweak" switch on the MotorKv slider provides for fine adjustments, allowing for easy selection of the motor Kv value. All electric calculations are based on an efficiency of 89 percent for a more accurate "real life" calculation.

Whether you are new to RC Helicopters or customizing an existing Heli. RC Heli Calc is an essential tool.