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WorkVisual App

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Please keep in mind, that this is a pixel based application. Zoom-in will show you pixels, but the drawing performance is way better than in a vector-based app.

The App is optimized for Apple iPad with retina display and iPad Pro. All other iPads are not supported.

If you are a visual practitioner, a sketchnoter, a graphic recorder, a visual facilitator, a keynote speaker or an ambitious manager - this live drawing app is made for you.

Every detail is designed to speed up your drawing process. Unlike any other existing drawing app you can choose between a Full and Follow Mode. Your drawing will be projected at a whole as well as zoomed as you wish to - with the innovative split screen technology.

///// This is, what makes the WorkVisual App special:

# Full/Follow Projection Mode - Splitscreen
# Saving projects related presets of brushes and colors
# Saving a default picture with your preferred brushes, colors, layers and background images
# Having shortcuts to your favorite brushes
# Using brushes that remember their own color
# Having a perfected drawing experience without any lags
# Being able to change layers in drawing mode
# Enabling filtering in search
# Being able to organize your drawings with tags
# Having a wonderful simple to use User Interface
# Allowing you to export RAW files
# Letting you print High Res Pictures up to 8k pixels
# And last but least letting you create perfect videos of your drawing process

///// This is, what you can do as well:

# Import pictures from camera roll
# Duplicate drawings
# Lock the transpareny of a layer (Alpha-Lock)
# Export to camera roll or Mail-App
# Customize your color palettes
# Change the dynamics of your brushes
# Transform, Merge, Clear and Fill Layers
# Reorganize Layers
# Adjust Layer Modes and Opacity

With the Mac Application "WorkVisual Exporter" (for free) at you can create the high resolution JPGs (8k pixels) as well as your drawings as a video. Special feature for the video: It will not take your undo/redo and zoom actions into consideration. They will be simply ignored and therefor create a pure and consistent drawing flow in the videos.
If you own a windows computer we offer you a free service to render your pictures.