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BreakDown Assistance

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BreakDown Assistance App helps to handle any emergency in India - say Vehicle Breakdown, Accident, Crime or any medical emergency on the road.

“Why” question for the BreakDown App!!

1) When you take your vehicle out, the thought of what would I do if there is a problem on the road and I am stuck in the middle of the road or in the middle of the night or in the middle of nowhere!?
2) Peace of mind while you drive
3) There is an easy button in your smart phone for any breakdowns on the road
4) Never want to be delayed due to a vehicle repair reason
5) Safety of the family members and us while on road.
6) One Stop solution for addressing issues and get out of the problem as soon as possible and get going with the destination.
My experiences:

Case 1: I was riding my bike and I was going to a nearby market (late 8:00 PM), and after that I have a bus to catch at 10 PM. On the way, my bike got flat tyre. It is a simple problem, but I am stuck. Even though I am nearby home, I did not have anybody to call to get help. I searched for a local mechanic, but I could not find one. I had to walk quite a distance to get a mechanic and then I had to come with the mechanic back to the bike. Mechanic took the tyre with him. I waited near the bike, until he comes back. Once he came back, he fixed the tyre with my bike and I was good to go.
Case 2: You face a crime, how do you reach out to Police easily. Like Highway Patrol

Case 3: What if there was a medical emergency on the road.

My friend’s experience

Case 4:

My friend owns a ***** and while he was driving to pick up his parents on a Saturday early morning 7 AM from the airport, he had flash lights in the dashboard about the engine and couple of others. He stopped the car and called the toll-free number provided by the dealers.
1) First of all, call center executive could not understand properly what problem customer is facing
2) Internal communication between the call center, mechanic, professional help, management, dealership to top management is not good as it is.
3) Delivery is bad. That is – After understanding the problem, the call center executive could not give proper solution. He did not have a professional to help at that time. Moreover, he said there is no towing facility at this time. Only on Monday it is available.
a. In another case, the mechanic comes, but
i. he comes without the tool
ii. he comes with the tool but incompatible one.
4) Feedback of the customer, post service is not recorded anywhere and there is no rating mechanism for the vendor.

Problems with existing Road-side assistance
With default Manufacturer’s warranty and road-side assistance,
1) Customer has to pay a lot for warranty amount.
2) Even if warranty is covering roadside assistance, purchase of road-side assistance is expensive.
3) Moreover, there are lot of conditions apply before the service is availed.
4) The manufacturer’s service station has to be available in the circle of 25 kms, when the event happens.
5) The response time is not as fast as the situation needs.
Problems with Mechanics on the road

The contact information of the mechanic is not available and the information is not structured.
With map based tracking, it is easy to locate the mechanic nearby and reach out to them easily with the default functionalities of the app.
Problems with existing professional road-side assistance

1) Even though there are some vendors who provide, the coverage across India is not completely there yet.
2) These services charge a lot of money with the vendor (high franchisee costs) and the customer (higher yearly fees)

BreakDown solves all the above problems and gives you peace of mind when you are on road.

We have made all efforts to make sure the data in the app is accurate and also trying to add more data for your use. Thank you