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Speak Better - Pacing Therapy for Stuttering, Cluttering, Disfluency, Parkinson's Disease, TBI, Stroke, and Fluency Disorders

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Are you a Speech Therapist working with clients who have imprecise articulation and a fast rate of speech? Imagine offering your clients a warmly crafted 4-in-1 speech therapy toolkit that combines the best speech pacing supports in one single powerful and effective package [ - one reason it is among the top 6 apps for SLPs ].

Speak Better dramatically improves fluency and speech clarity by offering visual, tactile, and kinaesthetic feedback for reducing rate of speech, increasing utterance length, and sequencing sounds in multisyllabic words while reading aloud from specially designed practice material.

- Helps patients make simultaneous progress on both rate of speech and voice volume

- Easy-to-use and inviting interface dramatically improves patient adherence and engagement


- Customize and gradually adjust pacing speeds

- Tactile pacing (long-press or single tap, like a pacing board)

- Highlight Syllables or entire Words

- Built-in Phonetically-balanced Passages (Arthur the Rat, The North Wind and the Sun, ...)

- Create and maintain a Library of custom Passages

- Adjustable pause durations on punctuation

- Voice Volume Indicator for instant visual feedback

- Supports special needs, including Dyslexia and Low Vision

- Delayed Auditory Feedback with powerful Noise Suppression

Speak Better intelligently and subtly modifies the time spent on each word based on the number of syllables in the word. So that while it still tracks to the target rate, reading from the cues will feel more natural.


" This app works wonders for my clients who stutter and clutter, and they've been delighted with how easy it is to use at home too. " - Nicole Grey, MSc, CCC-SLP

" I've had great success using this app with a CVA patient who is dysarthric, talks too rapidly and too softly. Thank you! " - Mary Ann, SLP


Designed by researchers from Stanford University, and trusted by leading Speech Pathologists, Speak Better has helped thousands of students and adults make measurable progress on their articulation and speech rate goals.

Get your copy now and instantly open up a whole new world of powerful speech pacing tools for your practice.