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KidzGrow – The Child Development App

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Access all Gross Motor activities absolutely free!

The KidzGrow App is the complete child development tool for parents and caregivers. Designed for children from birth to 7 years old, the app will help your young child become a confident, healthy, well-adjusted, curious, expressive, independent and happy child by the time he or she starts formal school.

Parenting Questions

• When should your child start to crawl, walk, climb or jump? Is it important to learn how to throw, catch or kick a ball? When can your child start riding a tricycle? How do you help your child develop muscles, strength, balance, control and coordination that are essential for an active and healthy lifestyle?

• Does playing with building blocks help your child? Should you let your child use a pair of scissors? How and when do you teach your child to hold a pencil to draw and to write?

• When should your child know about colours, sizes and sounds? What good does playing puzzles do? When should your child learn about alphabets, numbers, time, quantity, distance and lengths? How do you teach these concepts to your child? How can you teach and encourage your child to speak?

• How do you improve your child’s vocabulary and ability to speak, share and ask questions? How do you get your child interested in reading? When and how do you teach your child proper language skills?

• Can a young child be trained to be independent, to obey rules and to respect property? How do you teach your child to interact, cooperate and help others? How do you teach a child to handle disappointments and changes? How can your child develop self-control and learn about sportsmanship?

What The KidzGrow App Does

With the KidzGrow App, you get answers to all the above questions and more. By simply following the activities in the app, you will systematically help your child to learn and develop according to established child development milestones.

Our team of child development professionals developed the content in the KidzGrow App with a focus on 5 development domains that are critical to your child’s long-term well-being:

• Gross Motor Skills
• Fine Motor Skills
• Cognitive Skills
• Social Skills
• Speech & Language Skills

Customized to your child’s age, the KidzGrow App takes you and your child through a few simple activities every fortnight. Based on your observations of your child during these activities, the KidzGrow App will analyse your child’s development and recommend activities to help your child develop further in specific areas. The app even tracks the overall progress of your child at any point in time.

The KidzGrow App is the complete child development tool for parents and caregivers. Now you can easily play an active role in your child’s development and just enjoy the process.

Download the app now and access all Gross Motor activities absolutely free!