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MPV's Music Theory 103 - Rhythm

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
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In this 3rd tutorial in our series on Music Theory, Master Arranger and Composer Gregg Fine explores the nature of Rhythm and why it’s the driving force in music and composition...
Rhythm is at the very essence of being. Our hearts beat. We walk and run in time. The sun rises and sets. The tides ebb and flow. It’s no wonder that rhythm is at the heart of our music, too. In this tutorial Gregg Fine examines rhythm and shows us the theory behind constructing solid beats and how rhythm is used in different musical genres.

Rhythm is made up of many different components. In this tutorial you’ll learn about the foundation of beats. You’ll see how rhythm is broker down into its essential components: Tempo, Measure, Note Values and Rests. You’ll learn all about Time Signatures and how they influence the pattern of strong and weak beats in a musical phrase.

Gregg then starts moving the beat around: In this section he explains how musical rhythms are interpreted by creating Shuffle and Swing. You’ll discover the power of syncopation and how it helps create musical interest and adds unexpected excitement to a tune. There’s even a cool video that demonstrates playing behind the beat and how it affects the feel of a performance.

Finally Gregg takes you through 5 different musical styles, beat by beat, and explains the importance of rhythm in their construction.

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Table of contents:

1. The Foundation of Rhythm
2. Tempo
3. Measure
4. Note Values
5. Counting
6. Time Signatures
7. Cut Time and Half Time
8. Rests
9. Strong & Weak Beats
10. Syncopation
11. Shuffle
12. Swing
13. Groove
14. Playing Ahead & Behind the Beat
15. Genres: House
16. Genres: Rock
17. Genres: Jazz
18. Genres: Reggae
19. Genres: Bossa Nova
20. Polyrhythms
21. A Note On Odd Time