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E7 Nurikabe - Brain Puzzle

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
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Loved Sudoku and looking for something similar to play? Well then, here's the perfect game for you!

Much like Sudoku, the beloved puzzle game that captured the hearts of people all over the world, Nurikabe challenges you to find the correct solution using logic. The game is played on a grid of cells that represent either rooms or walls. You must use limited information and clues, along with deductive logic, to solve each unique puzzle.

E7 Nurikabe is designed so that even beginners can jump in right away without any worry. While we certainly encourage, and want, new players to play Nurikabe, we also want to challenge those puzzle game experts who are already familiar with the game.Thus, we have also included extremely difficult levels that will test even the most skilled logic puzzle fans!


After understanding just a few rules, anyone can begin solving various Nurikabe puzzles!

1. Cells that contain numbers must be part of a room and that room must have exactly the same amount of cells as the number.

2. Each room can only have 1 number in it.

3. All walls form a continuous path.

4. Walls cannot form 2 x 2 squares.

Despite having limited clues for each puzzle, there are certain strategies and patterns that allow you to correctly solve each puzzle without any need for blind guessing.

E7 Nurikabe features...

• A tutorial mode featuring 18 stages that guides players through every step on how to solve each puzzle efficiently.

• 3 basic difficulty levels(Easy, Normal, Hard).

• 30 different puzzles for each difficulty.

• Constant hints and reminders that help players who are stuck.

• In-app purchase options for even more game packs including bigger puzzles as well as Expert and Master difficulties.

• 918 puzzles available in total.

Download E7 Nurikabe to join in on the fun, addictive, and puzzling world of Nurikabe!