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HiLearning 2

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「HiLearning 2 电子书包学习系统」以TEAM model概念为架构,提供完整的教学与学习历程服务,其包含课堂教学服务(e-Teaching)、评量服务(e-assEssing)、诊断服务(e-diAgnosing)、补救教学服务(e-reMediation)四大系统,为全新的教学科技服务,HiLearning可提升学生的学习成效,在使用上如同学生的学习同伴。

注意:HiLearning为HiTeach智慧教室中学生端的运作平台,整体运作须在老师计算机端安装HiTeach Pro/TBL 2系统,并搭配具完善无线网络环境的智慧教室。


HiLearning 2 vs HiLearing 1
1. 增加登入机制,分为固定班级模式与动态模式;登入者可使用自己的工作簿,不与他人共用。
2. 增加教师学生双向讯息传送功能,也能够传送段落文章
3. 学生端组内传送,同组的组员,可以透过组内传送功能将页面分享给同组成员
4. 增强工作簿管理,可删除整本内容
5. 优化画笔工具、复原工具、文字编辑工具
6. 贴回照片功能可选择贴到新页或当页

HiLearning 2 is based on the TEAM model that provides complete services for teaching and learning process. The TEAM model is a brand new instructional technology service, including four sub-systems: e-Teaching, e-assEssing, e-diAgnosing and e-reMediation.

Student-tablet is a major learning tool in the 21st century 1:1 educational computing environment. HiLearning increases the interaction between teachers and students, and also enhances students’ learning. In other words, it will act as a learning companion.

Attention: HiLearning for iPad is a student side app in HiTeach smarter classroom solution. It should work with teacher's computer installed HiTeach Pro/TBL 2 software under proper WiFi setting digital classroom.

Main Functions:
- Login Management
- Note in Page, supports various contents including sketch, text, photos, shapes etc
- Submit note pages to teacher
- Receive IWB pages from teacher
- Response to multiple choice question/survey
- Send messages to teacher
- Receive text/link from teacher

HiLearning 2 vs HiLearing 1
1. Add Login mode: Fixed configuration mode, Dynamic login mode, which allow user to use his/her own work book. (HiTeach 2.5)
2. Add Two-way messaging function, user can message paragraph article to each other. (HiTeach 2.5)
3. Add Group sharing function, students can send pages to group members. (HiTeach 2.5)
4. Enhance work book management.
5. Enhance sketch tools, recovery tools, Text Editing tools.
6. Enhance photo insert function.(Paste to current page or paste to a new page)